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Snehdhaga is an expression and participation of the specially-abled children, their family members for the society under the banner of Ye Zindagi Foundation. All Snehdhaga products are designed and crafted by these special children and reflect the creativity and plentiful colors that play with them in their minds. Snehdhaga is more than a brand. Snehdhaga is Happiness designed to hug you in the form of a dress. Snehdhaga is a step towards self-dependence for many such children and their families.

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Its important to remember that children with special needs are children first. They have the same needs as all children-a place where they feel physically comfortable, loved and secure, opportunities to play and learn; people who care about them and activities that allow them to be Successful we realize that teaching or parenting these special children can be a difficult or even a frustrating task at times, especially when you do not have the knowledge about the way these children learn.

Rahul Jain

Loved the fabric and design.

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Sandipa Joshi

Comfort is what is look for and i am totally satisfied.

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Amardeep Singh

Lovely service and fabulous look.